1. femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial:

    Email to my hubby (with this photo):

    Are you missing this yet, boy? Did you get enough pussy while I was there?


  2. Anyone know where I can find shoes like this for my Wife?

  3. This video gets me so hard, specifically at the three minute mark.. Feet on his face, lazily rubbing his hard cock against her pussy, just teasing him.. 

  4. My Wife’s dirty feet after a day walking around Disney!

  5. mygirlfriendsfeet:

    Cruising…this was very distracting…


  6. Hard worked feet smell the best..

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  7. You always loved taking your girlfriend to the beach because she’d be barefoot all day. She loved showing off for your friends, being a tease.

    Little did you know that she planned showing your buddy Chad a lot more in the back of his truck once you passed out from drinking later..

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  8. Lovely!

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  9. "Hey honey, guess who I ran into out shopping today?? Yeah your old roommate Mike! Yeah we got a coffee and caught up.. No he is fantastic, doing really well.. Uh hey, can I call you back?

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  10. feetplease:

    Nothing matches the sweet smell ballerina can flats create. Nothing.

    So true!

  11. mercurafeet:

    Sometimes I ask myself: If this is all he needs to cum, my bare soles and a handjob, why even bother letting him fuck me anymore…?

    This is exactly what I want from my Wife..

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  12. femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial:

    When yoga pants get pulled down…

    Nice bottom you have there..

  13. "Shhh.. Keep sniffing my toes.. It’s your friend Mark, be quiet! I told you he was hitting on my the other night.."

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  14. Anonymous said: Anything new with your wife?

    Thanks for the question! No, sadly nothing is new lately. My Wife stopped seeing her latest fling after my last post about it quite some time ago.

    She is still “looking” but we’ve not had much luck. In the mean time we’ve been enjoying each other. We’ve had sex quite a few times in the past two months, but each time has been with the assistance of her vibrator to get off; most recently with a hitachi magic wand I just bought her. That was a big hit!

    Last night I blew a nice big load on her feet, took a few pictures of that..

  15. Exactly what I do with my Wife’s feet.. Breathe in deep..

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