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  4. Follow Up!

    As you could imagine things have been interesting since my last post.. I spent the immediate moments after the post quietly walking back and forth from the bedroom door and the computer in the living room, drinking pretty heavily in between and nursing an incredibly engorged erection.

    It didn’t take long for one of my trips to the door to bare fruit; the telltale sounds of our bed squeaking, followed by the gasps and grunts of my Wife as she is being fucked. Speaking with her afterwards I believe this was at the beginning as she rode him. I listened from the door for a few minutes, laying face down on the floor, unable to resist humping the ground.

    Earlier that day I had the brilliant idea to download an audio recording app on my phone for just this occasion, and now was the time to put it to good use. I began recording for roughly a minute before the bed stopped squeaking and it sounded like they were shifting. 

    I stepped away for a few minutes to compose myself, but also to test the effectiveness of my recording. As I opened another can of beer I replayed the audio and it was about as perfect as one could expect from a phone recording from under the door. This was an unexpected treasure that I could not wait to listen to again, however I knew doing so then just meant I was wasting possible opportunities for more.

    Giving them another moment I shakingly surfed Tumblr, gulping down my drink, before heading back to the door. This time, settling on the floor, I could instantly hear them again. My Wife’s gasps for air, panting as he fucked her. The sound of their flesh smacking together was such a rush! Of course I am planted on the floor, halfway humping the ground, trying to listen intently. 

    What I realized then, is that the cause of my - somewhat - premature ejaculation while having sex with my Wife is not so much due to the physical pleasure of the act, which is absolutely wonderful, but the audible and visible response she has during it. Hearing and seeing her pleasured turns me on to the point I can no longer contain myself. Keep this in mind while I am on the floor, listening to another man pound away at my Wife. Laying there, amazed at how long he can keep going, listening to the tell tale signs of my Wife approaching orgasm. Just then he sped up, their flesh smacking together hard, faster. Hearing her orgasm was too much for me, and I came myself, in my shorts, thrusting against the carpet. 

    I swear I thought I was going to black out, I was so light headed, breathing nearly as heavy as they were, on the other side of the door. Of course the difference being they just came together, basking in the after sex glow.. Getting up to clean myself off I thought how embarrassing it would be if I had passed out, only to have them find me there..

    Well I half lived through that embarrassment when I went back to listen to what was going on. What I thought was after sex conversation was actually after sex conversation after they had already cleaned up and gotten dressed. Meaning you know who was listening on the other side of the door when my Wife decided to open it! I shot backwards, making a big fucking ruckus, and being quite a few beers in I stumbled around trying to simultaneously catch myself, and explain what I was doing. 

    No one made a big deal about it, but I continued to imbibe in order to bury my awkwardness. Everyone hung out for a bit and watched some TV, had some refreshments, and tried not to be too awkward about what just went down, until he finally left. I of course drug my Wife into the bedroom to get every little detail out of her.

    I’ve explained a lot already, first she rode him and then he flipped her over and fucked her missionary. She was a bit surprised when he came as he gave her no indication, but asked if she wanted to go again. She declined him that night (sad.)

    Obviously its been a little while and I’ve just gotten to writing the second half of this post - I don’t remember many specifics from what she told me of that night, but I’ve spent a LOT of time listening to the recordings I made, over and over.. Still they turn me on like you couldn’t imagine. I know what you are thinking “Post them, post them!” and you know what? Maybe I will, if she says yes of course.

    Right now, however, it is shark week - on top of that she isn’t sure if this guy is the right one for us. She says his length (or lack there of) is really not cutting it, and there are some areas where she feels they just don’t click. I’m a little disappointed, but I’m not going to push. I’m pretty pleased with what she’s done so far. If anything else happens I’ll be sure to post again, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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  12. Three years.. That’s how long she had been dating you, sleeping with only you..

    Three years.. That’s how long it took for her to get fed up with the lackluster performance„

    Three years.. Not once did she make this face, until she brought home the local Batista while you were at work..

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